[TW] “The Best Taiwan Roast Duck Restaurant” – Red Lantern in Silks Place Yilan (宜蘭晶英酒店紅樓中餐廳)


Red Lantern (紅樓中餐廳) is located at the 6th floor of the Silks Place Yilan (宜蘭晶英酒店), which is the only international 5-star hotel in Yilan County of Taiwan. Maybe some of you have not heard of Yilan. It’s situated at the north of Taiwan, right next to Taipei. Yilan has been a popular short getaway destination for people living in the north. There isn’t much constructions, hence the natural sceneries are still well-preserved and not so polluted. I strongly recommend a visit to Yilan (or the east of Taiwan) if you have time! Okay… Back to the main topic..

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[Review] Sips and Steeps – Tea Ave


Who doesn’t like tea? I’m a heavy tea drinker, and sometimes I prefer tea over coffee. I can’t live without tea for more than two days! It has become my daily essential. Moreover, tea culture is an important part of the culture in Taiwan, especially a variety of green teas.

I was so happy to receive some samples from Tea Ave, which is an online tea shop based in Vancouver (BC, Canada), specializing in oolong sourced from Taiwan. The founders, Jeff and Heidi, are brother and sister who put their professional skills together to promote/spread the love for oolong tea. (Don’t you think working with siblings are just one of the best things that could ever happen?) Continue reading

[TPE] “I’ll leave it to you” – Ten Masa (平淡天真てんまさ鮨处)

IMG_651_Fotor_Collage_Fotor Omakase means “I’ll leave it to you” in Japanese. The term is often used to refer as a type of Japanese food dining experience, where the chef presents a series of plates from the lightest fare to the heaviest, richest dishes. It comprises sashimi, nigiri, hot dishes, and dessert. The number of courses and ingredients varies depending on the price.

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[TPE] Quick getaway in Eastern Taipei – Peekaboo Café 彼咖舖咖啡


First of all, I apologize for disappearing for such a long time! I’ve been busy with my summer internship. When I was in Taipei for the final academic conference and award night banquet, I got to visit some places during my free time. I found out Peekaboo café really last minute, and was glad that I went!

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[TW] Taiwan’s “mega dumpling” – Ba Wan (肉圓)

As I’ve mentioned in the Xiao Zhan Du Sticky Rice Pudding‘s post, small eats are big things in Taiwan. Ba Wan is one of the Taiwanese foods that we can’t live without. It is no doubt my top 5 Taiwanese food.

Ba Wan

Ba Wan

Ba Wan can be found everywhere, from small booth on the street to food stall in the traditional market. The taste of it varies too. Just like every family knows how to make fried rice, but they all taste differently. The “skin” or the outer layer of Ba Wan is made with rice flour, corn starch, and sweet potato starch, and stuffed with pork and bamboo shoots. The sauce is poured on top upon serving.

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