[HK] Classic High Tea in Classy Mandarin Oriental


In my previous Le Parloir post, I have expressed how much I love high tea. It has become a tradition whenever I visit Hong Kong. In case you don’t know, Hong Kong was colonized by the Britain, hence a huge part of their culture is strongly influenced by the British. Locating in the Clipper Lounge of Mandarin Oriental, the afternoon tea set is the best one I’ve ever had so far in Hong Kong (price-wise is reasonable too!).

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[TO] Scones & Jam – Kitten and the Bear


After school finished in April, I visited Toronto for a few days before my graduation in June! Kitten and the Bear, a dainty, 1940s-style tea room locating in the area Parkdale of Toronto, has been on my to-visit list for a long time. It’s an artisanal shop, and a cafe as well. I first had their scone, thanks to my friend Ashley, and I loved it! And thanks to my other friend, Karen, whom drove me there! :)

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[MTL] Dainty tea room in the Plateau Mont-Royal – Le Parloir


I am attracted deeply by those British 3-tier afternoon tea set. It has always been a must whenever I visit Hong Kong. For the past few years in Montreal, I’ve been looking for a decent spot, but surprisingly, it wasn’t as easy as I thought! Even the classy Ritz-Carlton’s high tea disappointed my friend and me greatly.


Le Parloir is a cute, charming, and cozy tea room located near Metro Mont-Royal. The European inspired decors levels up the experience, as you would feel like you are in Europe while sipping your tea with Victorian china. The first thing I noticed as I entered was the flowers on each table!

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[MTL] Home-styled, Country Pies – Rustique Pie Kitchen


In honor of the special Pi(e) Day that only occurs every 100 years (3.1415; normally it’s just 3.14), I figured that it’s time to do my duty on this over-due post!


Rustique Pie Kitchen is one of the few places that specialize in pies in Montreal, and does an awesome job. This home-style bakery differentiates itself with other Montreal bakery by making some of the best country pies in town. It is located in the St-Henri neighborhood.

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