[MTL] Café + Salon de thé – La Brume dans mes Lunettes


Locating in the Little Italy, La Brume dans mes Lunettes is my current cafe (or should I say tearoom?) crush. I did not pay much attention to this cafe until I saw their menu, which they offer afternoon tea set after 2pm on weekdays! Ever since, I’ve been trying to find an occasion to go, and I finally had the time to visit with Kristin from CHEN CHEW. I would say this is my favorite afternoon tea spot so far.

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[HK] Cafés Hopping in the Pearl of the Orient

I visit Hong Kong at least once a year because of my family. I have a love-hate relationship for Hong Kong. It’s such a cosmopolitan and lively city, which I often described it as the “New York of Asia”. However, the population is so dense, and with many tourists, I feel suffocate and intense whenever I stay more than 3 days. Nonetheless, I spent a week in Hong Kong with my brother this summer, and got to explore few cafés. Let’s take a look…

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[SF] The Legendary Roasted Chicken – Zuni Café


When I first brought up my potential San Francisco trip to my friend K (see her post), the first restaurant that she recommended was Zuni Café. She was talking about how juicy and tender the roasted chicken is, and telling me the tips about making reservation…etc. Therefore, I put it down on the list, and asked my friend in San Francisco to help me make a reservation. Guess what! We already made the call a month ahead, but the lunch services were booked till 2 pm!

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[NYC] A True Parisienne Cafe – Buvette


Buvette is a true Parisian cafe locating in the West Village of New York City. As I was doing research for my first New York trip back in March 2015 (the time I went alone), Mayssam from Will Travel for Food recommended Buvette and Locanda Verde for brunch. Since I knew I was going to New York again when my family visits, I saved Buvette for my family.

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[SF] When tea meets food – Samovar Tea Lounge


As I really liked the chai latte from the Samovar Tea Bar in the Mission (see SF Cafés Hopping), my friend said I should also visit the Tea lounge at the Yerba Buena Gardens. This Samovar Tea Lounge serves international food and tea pairings from around the world, including Japanese, English, Russian, Moorish, Chinese, and Paleolithic. Moreover, they also have seasonal special! (See menu)

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[SF] Morning Gluttony – Tartine Bakery

IMG_7619_FotorOne of the most occurring name that popped up when I googled “must eat in San Francisco” – Tartine Bakery. Since it was my first time in San Francisco, I tried to cover all the cafes and restaurants on my long list. It is located in the Mission District.

The first time I came across Tartine Bakery was reading an article about their collaboration with Blue Bottle Coffee. As I looked more depth into this bakery, I found out that it barely has any negative reviews on Yelp, and have also been featured on SF Gate, NY Times, Wall St. Journal…etc. (Not to mention how many blogs review they have..).

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