[MTL] Café + Salon de thé – La Brume dans mes Lunettes


Locating in the Little Italy, La Brume dans mes Lunettes is my current cafe (or should I say tearoom?) crush. I did not pay much attention to this cafe until I saw their menu, which they offer afternoon tea set after 2pm on weekdays! Ever since, I’ve been trying to find an occasion to go, and I finally had the time to visit with Kristin from CHEN CHEW. I would say this is my favorite afternoon tea spot so far.


Around the corner of rue St-Denis and rue St-Zotique E, La Brume dans mes Lunettes can be easily spotted as soon as you make the turn. The name “La Brume dans mes Lunettes” means “the fog in my glasses”, doesn’t it sound cozy and perfect place to hide in during the winter?


The cafe was packed when I arrived on a weekday afternoon! However, most of the people were there to study/work, hence the noise level isn’t too high. There are stool seats and tables. It’s quite spacious compared to most of the cafes that I go to.


My friend and I opted for the “Elizabeth la Royale” tea set for 2 people. The tea set includes cucumber sandwich, smoked salmon Yorkshire pudding, lemon tarts, scones with jam and fresh cream, and a huge pot of tea.


La Brume dans mes Lunettes serves Fortnum & Mason tea, which is the brand that serves the royals in UK (that’s what the staff said). They offer 3 types of tea: black tea, herbal tea, and green tea. Kristin doesn’t like herbal tea, so we settled for black tea. There are three kind of blends for black tea, and we opted for the Jubilee blend, which is the blend of teas from India, Ceylon and China. It has a milky taste, which is so smooth, and not astringent at all!


Start off with the savories. The cucumber sandwich was pretty good (not the best I’ve had). The amount of cream cheese was just right. However, the toasts were a bit dry and stale. The Yorkshire pudding itself tastes quite bland, but when pairing with the smoked salmon, it was good. Neither of them overpower each other.


I can say that I’ve found my favorite scone in town! The texture was crumbly, but not too buttery. It totally made my day. When I told the staff that this is one of the best scones I’ve ever had in Montreal, he told me that the owner learned all these British treats when he was in Leeds, UK.


I’m not a fan of any lemon-y desserts, but this one was pretty good. It wasn’t those artificial lemon flavors, and it’s just one-bite size that you could pop into your mouth without making any mess.

Overall, I would definitely go back to this cafe in the future to study/work! They also offer an afternoon tea set for one person, the William le Rafraîchissant, which you get half of the items, but without the Yorkshire pudding. Besides afternoon tea, they serve breakfast and lunch as well! It’s a spot that I would go back often (if it’s closer….), and spend an afternoon or morning here with a cup of tea and a scone.

La Brume dans mes Lunettes
378 rue St-Zotique E, Montreal
(438) 880-4979
La Brume Dans Mes Lunettes Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
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