[MTL] Will Not Disappoint – Le Bremner


Most of the people in Montreal, who are interested in the food industries, probably have heard of the famous Chuck Hughes. Le Bremner is his second restaurant, locating in the Old Montreal. I booked a table here as a celebration for my graduation when my parents and brother came to visit this summer (and of course.. parents paid, right? cough cough). I was glad that it definitely lived up the hype!


Locating on St. Paul East, right across Marché Bonsecours, the not-so-obvious door is lighted with two red lights, and no obvious signs, which can be easily missed. We walked on St. Paul east twice, and with our google map, we still missed it. Therefore, look for “361”, instead of “Le Bremner” sigh, because you won’t see any.


As we entered the restaurant, we were greeted by friendly staff. He lead us through the restaurant (it’s a lot more in depth than I was expecting!), and to the backyard. One of the perks about summer in Montreal is that you can dine outside or on terrace during the summer.



I found this table quite cute! Perfect for couples to have a perfect date night.


To start off the night, my dad and brother started with drinks, which was their special of the night (sorry that I have forgotten the name). It’s a lime-based cocktail. I had a sip, and it was quite refreshing.

The menu is clearly divided into four parts: cold starters, warm/hot starters, mains, and dessert. Since it was our first time, and the menu is quite extensive and unique, we asked the waitress for recommendations.


My brother is an oyster lover, hence we started off with the oysters ($2 each!). We opted for the oysters from New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island. The oysters were fresh and with a bit of sweetness. The homemade vinaigrette and horseradishes brought out the sweetness of the oysters.


Then, the snow crab platter. This was the one we found a bit alright. The flesh wasn’t really firm, a bit airy. Definitely had better crabs elsewhere before.


I really need some greens for dinner, hence the waitress recommended the heirloom tomatoes salad. It was pretty good. The amount of the dressing was just alright, and the vinaigrette wasn’t overpowering the actual taste of the tomatoes.


As for the warm starter, the waitress STRONGLY recommended the lamb’s heart topped with baby spinach. If you are an adventurous eater, I would definitely recommend this too, if they have it on the menu. I don’t eat lamb, because of its gamey taste. However, I gave it a try. It tastes just like pig’s heart, which I loved it. The texture is chewy, and just like eating lean meat. There’s no gamey taste, which made it more acceptable.


This is one of the two mains that we ordered. It was fish with almonds slices, and the vegetable which I have no idea about the name, but have seen at Marché Jean-Talon or Marché Atwater during the summer. This dish was good too, since the fish wasn’t overcooked, and the almonds and sauce were a great touch up to the dish.


This whole fish was my favorite of the night. It might seem like a simple grilled whole fish, but it was flavorful, tender, and juicy! The waitress helped us de-boned the fish, which made it easier. The fish was definitely fresh, as I could still taste the sweetness of the fish. It doesn’t have a muddy, fishy taste too.


Since my family enjoyed the savory part of the dinner, we ordered some desserts to try! The truffle of the day was Ferrero Rocher flavor, which I ordered one. It was really smooth, and rich.  The one on the left of the photo is an eclair, which was alright. I can’t really judge cause I don’t like eclair.


The famous pancakes at Le Bremner. It was dense but fluffy! I would eat this for breakfast everyday if I can. The texture is a bit chewy, which is just right on the spot. However, the only downside of it was the pool of caramel, which made it too sweet towards the end.


Overall, it was a pleasant dinner. The servers were attentive, and friendly. They definitely know their menu well, and able to explain explicitly. They also make great recommendations too, and controlling the portion of the food. Definitely need to save rooms for the pancakes if you like dessert. The ambiance is more of like a fisherman-theme, and cool, and I enjoyed the breeze outdoor. The pricing is acceptable too, for the quality of the food they serve and the services. It’s definitely reasonable in such a touristy place. I hope I’ll have a chance to go back soon!

Le Bremner
361, St. Paul E., Montreal
Tel: 514-544-0446 (Reservation is strongly recommended, which can be make up to 30 days in advance)
Le Bremner Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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