[MTL] New Addition on Laurier – Wilfrid sur Laurier


Wilfrid sur Laurier has been on my to-visit brunch list for a while, and it has been on the list of The Hottest Brunch Bets in Montreal from Eater for few months already too. I met up with Ksenia from At the Immigrant’s Table for brunch, and we decided on Wilfrid sur Laurier, since the hype about this restaurant lasts quite long!


Locating on avenue Laurier (close to avenue du Parc, not far from Barbounya!), Wilfrid sur Laurier was the former La Petite Ardoise, which used to served croque monsieur for many decades. I’ve heard a lot disappointment about the close down of La Petite Ardoise, but people are also exciting to see what Wilfrid would bring to the neighborhood.


Ksenia ordered the Salmon gravlax, which the corn flour pancakes are the base, topped with scrambled eggs, and fennel salad. I tried a piece of it. Both us agreed that the corn flour pancakes and the scrambled eggs are fluffy. But, when eating with the smoked salmon, the smoked salmon just somewhat disappeared in there. The pancakes are definitely the star of the dish.


Since I just had spin class before the brunch, I didn’t have a huge appetite, and thought I should opt for something light. Therefore, I ordered the breakfast salad, which consists of a poached egg, pork belly, baby gem lettuce, and parmesan. I found this dish too cheesy (too much parmesan!), and Ksenia agreed with me. The pork belly was a bit greasy, and soggy. The texture was different than what I was expecting. Before I ordered, I asked if there’s any toast or bread for the salad, the waitress told me that there are two pieces of croutons. When I heard “croutons”, I was expecting it to be crisp. Nonetheless, those were just two pieces of regular bread.


Overall, the food is mediocre. Maybe I should go back and try other plates. Quite a few people said their french toast is good. Sometimes high expectations may lead to disappointment. The waitress wasn’t really attentive too. It took her a long time to bring our water, but she was fast at bringing our bills (before we ask for it..). Both Montreal Breakfast Review and Shut Up and Eat really liked the brunch service, especially their french toast. I might give it another try in the future, but we’ll see.

Wilfrid sur Laurier
222 Ave. Laurier West, Montreal
Tel: 514-491-4961 (Reservation is possible)

Wilfrid sur Laurier Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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