[MTL] Hidden Gem on Blvd. St-Laurent – Bouillon Bilk


First time I heard about Bouillon Bilk is from my foodie buddy, K (see her post). Then, during the dinner at Maison Boulud with other fellow foodies, it was one of the restaurants that received positive feedbacks too. Therefore, I know it’s a must-visit.

Locating on St-Laurent (between DeMaisonneuve and Ontario), I thought it is quite easy to find. However, as I was walking down the still-defunct block of St.Laurent Blvd., where you see a lot of wholesale fell-off-the-back-of-a-truck electronics stores, empty/sketchy storefronts, dingy depanneurs and other questionable business ventures, it is really hard to walk pass without even noticing. But if you look closely, you’ll spot a well-decorated restaurant in a minimalist, dim-lit space.



Whenever I try a new restaurant, I also opt for lunch (if they offer). Not only cause it’s at a more affordable price, but most of the time, restaurant offers lunch prix-fixe (note: Bouillon Bilk doesn’t offer lunch prix-fixe) that allows me to try more items on the menu, and get a taste of how the chef is like. The decor is mainly black and white, which is clean and bright during the day. The size of the restaurant is decent. Though the main color theme is black and white, the friendly waitresses definitely warms up the vibe.


My friend and I ordered Hamachi to share as an appetizer. It has yuzu kosho, pamplemousse, and fenouil. Hamachi is a type of Japanese amberjack (fish), which is commonly seen in sashimi. Instead of like sashimi, it is served in tartare-style. It was a great start! The fish was fresh, and even it was made into tartare, the texture wasn’t mushy. Yuzu and fish is always a great combination.


My friend ordered the canard, which is duck on a bed of salad, and topped with fried egg. She really liked it! I’ve also tried a bit. The duck was cooked perfectly, which is still moist. The dressing of the salad was light and refreshing.


I ordered the salmon. It was well done! The skin was crispy, and the flesh was still tender and moist. I could easily flaked it off with my fork. The sauce seems creamy and rich, but it was surprisingly light, and rich in flavors.


Overall, I went with high expectations, and it did not disappoint! The bread was so good too! I believe a good bread to start definitely affects how I feel about the dining experience afterwards. The bread was warm, soft, moist, and chewy.  Both of us were really full after the meal. The menu changes periodically, so no doubt that I will go back for lunch! Our waitress explained the menu thoroughly, and answered all our questions before taking our orders. It’s a great option to have a fancy lunch in downtown without going too far.

Bouillon Bilk
1595 Blvd Saint-Laurent, Montréal
Tel: 514-845-1595 (Reservation is recommended)

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2 thoughts on “[MTL] Hidden Gem on Blvd. St-Laurent – Bouillon Bilk

  1. Hey! I just wanted to stop in and say that I’m really enjoying your blog! I love that I get to discover so many restaurants from Montreal through your blog! This definitely is giving me good ideas for future date nights! Thanks :)

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