[MTL] Middle Eastern Cuisine in St-Henri – Sumac Restaurant


In recent years, as the plateau mont-royal seems like to get saturated with various restaurants, there is an increasing number of eateries open for business in this area. Sumac is a type of Middle Eastern spice, hence that’s what Restaurant Sumac serves. Restaurant Sumac was listed as one of the most anticipated restaurants by Eater Montreal.


My first visit there with Kerrie from P’tite Cuisine had made me in love with this restaurant, and I knew I would bring my family there. We arrived soon after opening, therefore we didn’t wait too long. However, as soon as lunchtime hits, the line-up got all the way to the door!


The menu is divided into 3 categories, which are pitas, platters, and family-style plates. The pitas are in sandwich form, which is easier if you want it to-go. The platters come with grilled pita, hummus, tahina, pickled turnip, and choice of two salads. The family-style plates are bigger in portion, and serve with grilled pitas.

Both of the visits, we settled for platters, because it allows us to try most of the items on the menu.

_MG_0085Falafel platter with purple cabbage and fried eggplants – Falafel is a classic Middle Eastern food, which is made of chickpea mixed with herbs and spices. An ideal falafel should have these characteristics: crispy-thin exterior crust, and the interior is fluffy and moist. The falafel at sumac had it all. It was still tongue-burning hot upon serving. The fried eggplants was my favorite side salad. It was well-seasoned with spices and not too mushy. _MG_0086

Chicken shawarma platter with quinoa and Moroccan carrot – The chicken shawarma was moist and well-seasoned. It was my brother’s favorite. The quinoa salad consists of kale, almonds, barberries, golden raisins, and coriander. The carrot was cooked, but not over-cooked.


Beef kefta platter with green cabbage and salade cuite – I don’t eat beef, so I didn’t try to kefta. According to my brother, it was good too. The green cabbage is made with rice vinegar and caraway seeds, hence the acidity makes the platter quite refreshing! The salade cuite is made with slow cooked tomatoes, and roasted sweet peppers.


Half & Half (Citrus juice + Pomegranate iced tea) – My brother has to order beverage every meal. Since we couldn’t decide between which one to get, the waitress said we can opt for half & half too! It was really good and refreshing on a hot summer day. The sourness and sweetness were in good ratio.


Overall, Sumac is definitely a nice addition to the neighborhood, and attracts people to come too. The pita is chewy, hummus is rich and creamy, and every salad is outstanding. Make sure you arrive early if you want to dine-in, because the place is packed at the stroke of noon (no reservation!).

Restaurant Sumac
3618 Notre-Dame O., Montreal
Tel: 514-935-1444

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