[MTL] Gem of Notre-Dame de Grace – Prohibition


Prohibition is located in the beautiful, not-so-touristic, Notre-Dame de Grace, which is on Monkland Avenue. I’ve never explore or been to the neighborhood, but I already had my eye on Prohibition since my first year in Montreal. Since I didn’t go home right away after school ends, I had the chance to explore a bit more of Montreal outside of downtown. I believe that brunch shouldn’t be just for weekends, and Prohibition starts brunch-ing on Friday!

It’s sort of underground. The space is well-decorated. Though the lighting is a bit dim, but as you walked in, you can see a beautiful piano in the corner. The tables are quite close together, hence it can get a bit crowded and noisy when the restaurant is full. They have quite an extensive, and unique menu.


My friend and I started off with scones. However, the scone was completely different than what I was expected. The texture and taste were close to crumpets, but drier. No idea what went wrong, cause it’s definitely different than the scone that I saw from Shut Up and Eat.


My friend opted for the salade lever du soleil, which contains green mix, hard-boiled quail eggs, cheddar, bacon, orange, waffle croutons, and maple vinaigrette dressing. She was content with the salad! I tried a bit, and really like the dressing. The greens were fresh and crunchy too. No soggy leaves.


I had a hard debate between Bulgarian benedict’s, which has poached eggs with garlic yogurt, sheep’s feta and paprika oil, or Huevos rancheros, which includes corn tortillas, black beans, pico de gallo, guacamole, white cheddar, fried eggs, sour cream, and coriander. As you can see from the photo above, I settled for huevos rancheros. I was more than satisfied with this! It has everything I like, eggs, guacamole, black beans.. Everything was definitely on the spot!

Overall, the prices are very affordable, around 15$ coffee/tea included. Prohibition is also known for their fried chicken with challah french toast and their lemon ricotta pancakes served with blueberry compote and sugar bacon. The portions are generous and the staffs were very attentive. I would definitely recommend this spot, especially they take reservation!

5674 Monkland, Montreal, QC
Tel: 514-481-8466
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