[MTL] Foodies’ Party – Omnivore World Tour 2015


The 4th year of the Omnivore World Tour in Montreal. It took place at Société des Arts Technologiques (aka SAT) on Boulevard St. Laurent.

A night of celebrations with foodies and especially, chefs from Montreal all gathered to give people bits of what the buzz is all about. How bad can a night be with DJ, dim lights, and food? Probably not.


Let me take you on a tour of the night..


Started the night with this bouchée. It was light and a bit salty after the second bite, hence it was a good appetizer to waken up our palate!


Then, this was another light, and refreshing bouchée. All the ingredients matched each other. Nothing particularly stood out, but it was good.


This bouchée is made by François Coté from L’impérial (Granby, Canada). The base is made out of pig’s head (sort of into a sausage shape), and topped with seasonal compote, and buckwheat salad. The texture was a bit chewy and tough. But the flavors diffuse out as you chew. The dried buckwheat salad gives a bit of crunchiness.


The barbecue lamb taco made by William Cody and Gil MacNutt from Maïs was definitely one of the crowd pleasers of the night. The queue was exceptionally long, yet people were still waiting patiently in the line. It was one of my favorites too (though I though it was pork……). The tortilla was warm and soft, and the lamb wasn’t gamey at all (that’s why I didn’t know it was lamb)! It was moist and tender. Perfect with a drizzled of hot sauce, and a spoonful of guacamole.


The presentation of this bouchée created by Marc Alexandre Mercier from Hotel Herman caught my attention first. It’s such a special way to serve in eggshell, while most of other bouchées are served on paper plates. It’s composed of egg foam, smoked sturgeon, mullet caviar, and topped with black truffle. I really like this one! The egg foam balanced out the saltiness from smoked sturgeon, and as you chew, the caviar popped in the mouth.


This is a tartine with fish on baguette. I found this way too salty….


My friend and I didn’t try this. It’s different samples of pickled food.


Another crowd pleaser of the night, which is the fried blue marlin dumplings made by Anita from Trilogie. The wrap was crisp, while the filling still remains moist! I thought this could be a bit heavy, but the sauce and green garnishes on top made it light.


Now dessert… The famous “Chou” from Patrice Patissier, made by Patrice Demers. orally, I don’t like anything like puff pastry, but this changed my view of a puff! It was soft, fluffy, but crisp, and the creme was dense, and not overly sweetened.


Last but not least, this table of dessert created by John Mike from Tripes & Caviar definitely had everyone’s attention! This massive art work composed of various desserts, with different textures and combinations. There are cakes, meringue, chocolate, caramelized popcorn, honeycomb, brownies, marshmallow…etc. This totally reminds me of the ATUM dessert I had in Hong Kong this summer!

There were total of 13 chefs participating this event, and with each ticket, you get 10 coupons. I found it enough to sample most of the booths! Thanks to Mangeons Montréal for hosting a contest for me to win the tickets to the event!

For more information about the events: http://www.omnivore.com

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