[SF] Morning Gluttony – Tartine Bakery

IMG_7619_FotorOne of the most occurring name that popped up when I googled “must eat in San Francisco” – Tartine Bakery. Since it was my first time in San Francisco, I tried to cover all the cafes and restaurants on my long list. It is located in the Mission District.

The first time I came across Tartine Bakery was reading an article about their collaboration with Blue Bottle Coffee. As I looked more depth into this bakery, I found out that it barely has any negative reviews on Yelp, and have also been featured on SF Gate, NY Times, Wall St. Journal…etc. (Not to mention how many blogs review they have..).

Of course, a bakery has pastries. Tartine Bakery is known for their heavenly-amazin pastries, and other items are good too. They use organic flour, sugar, and local eggs, as well as other organic produce as much as possible. It is rare to find a bakery that not only the tourists like, but the locals are still willing to wait in the absurdly long queue with the tourists. Though the queue is super long that it wraps around the corner of the shop, the line moves pretty fast as there are 2-3 people taking the order at the same time. You pay up front, and then find a seat or stand.

Just give you a heads up, it was so good that I went back for breakfast two days in a row!


Bread Pudding – This was one of the must-order that I saw on Yelp. I’m a fan of bread pudding. Though it seems easy to make, but I found it hard to get a perfect ratio for egg and milk to make it soft and spongey. They have sweet and savory bread pudding. I opted for the sweet one, because I couldn’t resist the amount of strawberries that they put on top!

It was perfect. I thought all sweets in the America are overly-sweetened, but definitely not this bread pudding. It was warm (perfect for the windy, chilly weather in SF), not too sweet, and just simply delicious. The bread is soaked with the egg mixture that it was as soft as custard. My day always feel better when I have dessert for breakfast.


Croque Monsieur (Shitake mushrooms and asparagus) – Since I had sweet bread pudding the day before, I settled for a savory breakfast the next day. I already had an eye on this sandwich the day before, since I saw quite a few people ordering it. It’s also served warm. The crust is crisp, and the bread is still soft, and soaked with the juice from shitake mushrooms. I was actually quite full after finished this.

I was lucky that the line-up wasn’t too long when I went for both days (probably it was weekdays). I would definitely want to try other items, such as croissant, morning buns, and scones! According to Cyneats and Serious Eats, their lemon tart is a must too! But personally don’t like any lemon-y dessert, so it doesn’t interests me.

Overall, I would probably go once or twice if I were living in San Francisco. Definitely don’t get discouraged by the queue. It moves really fast (trust me it does!). Also, when the weather is nice, or you feel like some picnic/outdoor, you can always take the goodies to Dolores Park across the street. The famous Painted Ladies is around too!

Tartine Bakery
600 Guerrero Street San Francisco, CA
Tel: 415 487 2600

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