[MTL] Home-styled, Country Pies – Rustique Pie Kitchen


In honor of the special Pi(e) Day that only occurs every 100 years (3.1415; normally it’s just 3.14), I figured that it’s time to do my duty on this over-due post!


Rustique Pie Kitchen is one of the few places that specialize in pies in Montreal, and does an awesome job. This home-style bakery differentiates itself with other Montreal bakery by making some of the best country pies in town. It is located in the St-Henri neighborhood.


I had the chance to visit and try some of their best-sellers and new Spring (last year…) menu with Ashley when she did an interview with two of the co-owners, Jacqueline Berman and Tamera Clark, for The Main.



As you walked in the store, you can clearly see the display of all the pies and other goodies next to the cashier. Besides pies, they also have sweet treats like bars, meringues, coconut macaroons…etc. Their menu changes often based on what is available in the season. Most of the ingredients are sourced locally!


Whole pies are available, as well as the mini ones! I love these mini pies. Not only they are cute, but these small bites allowed people like me (who has indecisive disorder when it comes to food…) to sample various flavors! I can guarantee that you’ll definitely end up having more than one mini pie. In the picture above, we got to sample wile blueberry pie, bonfire pie (chocolate ganache with marshmallow, raspberry pie, maple brûlée pie, key lime pie, and stone fruit pie (peach and apricot).


As a scone lover, I couldn’t walk out the store without packing a scone with me! And they were as good as their pies.


This cute and homey spot is definitely a place that you wouldn’t want to miss when you are in the St-Henri/Griffintown neighborhood! The variety of their pie selections will definitely satisfy your daily sugar-fix! It doesn’t have to be a Pi(e) Day to get pies!

Rustique Pie Kitchen
4615 rue Notre-Dame O., Montreal, QC H4C 1S3
Tel: 514-439-5970
Rustique on Urbanspoon

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