[NYC] Cafés Hopping in the Big Apple

cover I was so excited when I booked my trip to New York for my spring break, as I already have a long list of cafes and restaurants that I want to visit. Since I couldn’t find a favorite one to feature, I decided to do a summary of all the cafés that I have visited during my 4 days there. I got to visit 1-2 cafés everyday because breakfast wasn’t included in the hotel, therefore I had perfect excuse to go cafe-crawling in New York every morning for breakfast.

Stumptown Coffee Roaster 18 W 29th Street, New York (Right next to Ace Hotel)
Stumptown Coffee Roasters on Urbanspoon

StumptownOriginally from Portland,  Stumptown Coffee opened its first shop in New York in 2009, and second shop at 8th street. There isn’t any tables, only a long standing counter (maybe good for some street watching while having your caffeine fix). Since it’s located in the lobby of Ace Hotel, you can also enjoy your cuppa in the lobby with the glamours decor in there. They also sell Mast Brother chocolate (an artisanal Brooklyn-based chocolate company)! If you don’t have a chance to make to its flagship store in Williamsburg, I suggest you to get it here (or any cafes that you see). On a side note, their scone was good! I had mustard-cheddar scone, and the texture was dense and savory.

CHALAIT 224 West 4th Street, New York Chalait I saw a lot of photos at CHALAIT on instagram, hence it goes on my to-go list automatically because I love matcha too. CHALAIT is located in West Village, and it serves up various type of matcha beverages, specialty coffee, and teas as well as light breakfast and lunch options. I ordered matcha latte, however, the matcha taste was too bland for my taste. The barista has suggested me to order cortado next time, which I might if I visit again. It’s definitely good for instagram photo though.

Maman 239 Centre St, New York
Maman on Urbanspoon MamanMaman is a bakery and café locating in Soho that serves family-inspired recipes from the South of France. All their ingredients are locally sourced. I wrote down this place on my note as soon as I saw the post of NYDeTour. I order lavender hot chocolate, which is absolutely amazing for the snowy day. They used grounded dried lavender power instead of syrup! Therefore the hot chocolate wasn’t overly sweeten, and not too thick that you would feel like it’s melted chocolate.

Toby’s Estate Coffee 160 5th Ave, New York
Toby's Estate on Urbanspoon Toby's Estate I visited the branch in the Flatiron District, which is right on the 5th avenue (perfect for a coffee break after/or during shopping). The space isn’t big, only small number of seats are available, but it is bright and the designed reflect the neighborhood’s charm. It is attached to the Club Monaco on 5th Ave. The tin ceilings, marble countertops, and glazed-tiled walls harmonized with the minimalists of Club Monaco.

Blue Bottle Coffee 600 11th Ave, New York (inside Gotham West Market)
Blue Bottle Coffee on Urbanspoon Blue BottleOriginally from Oakland, California, Blue Bottle Coffee has 5 locations in New York, and the one I visited was located in the Gotham West Market of Hell’s Kitchen. They are known for their cold brew, but I ordered a latte since it was too cold to have cold brew… However, their latte was smooth and nutty. It wasn’t sour or bitter after it got cold as well.

There are definitely a lot more to explore in New York, and I can’t wait to go back in May! Meanwhile, if you have any suggestions/recommendations of cafes or where to eat, feel free to leave it in the comment below! :)

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5 thoughts on “[NYC] Cafés Hopping in the Big Apple

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  2. Wow these drinks! I love when coffee has little designs, just makes everything better! I have a question for you, do you have a Cafe that you would recommend in the Montreal area?? I’ve been on the search for the perfect study Cafe spot and would love to know if you had any suggestions:)

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