[MTL] Filipino Comfort Food – Junior


This is definitely an overdue post, I have to admit. Junior opened in late October 2014 in Griffintown. It was already one of the most anticipated new restaurants before its opening, hence Kristin from CHEN CHEW and I went there for our first outing together just before I went back to Taiwan for Christmas break in December!

IMG_5607 IMG_5608The decor definitely has a feel of Philippine, and the vibrant contests of the colors and furnitures warm up the winter in Montreal. The music played in the background calms you down after a long day as you would feel like you are situated in a homey restaurant in Southeast Asia.


Kristin and I ordered Tocino (Sweet cured pork) as an appetizer to share. It was strongly recommended by her friend, and it did not disappoint us. It sort of tastes like those Hong Kong-style BBQ pork.


For the main, we ordered palapok (rice noodles with pork and shrimp gravy) to share. This was my favorite of the night. It is similar to the stir-fry vermicelli back home, except the noodles are less chewy. It portion is very generous, and topped with savory ground pork meat sauce, shrimps, and scrambled eggs. It was very hearty and the sourness of kumquat balanced well with the sweetness from the meat sauce.


There are array of sauces at each table that are essential to Filipino meal, and we tried everyone of them. According to Kristin, the pinakurat goes well with everything. So don’t get confused or intimidated by these sauce, give each one of them a try, and you might find a new combination that fits you!

Besides items on the regular menu, Junior also has rotating daily special. As I looked around the restaurant to see what other people are ordering, it is clear that Junior’s mandate is to introduce classic homestyle Filipino dishes to the Montrealers. Though I’ve never been to Philippine, so can’t judge its authenticity, but for sure they have nailed the taste of Southeast Asia (nothing like Thai food).

1964 Notre Dame W. Montréal

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One thought on “[MTL] Filipino Comfort Food – Junior

  1. This place looks pretty interesting. The only Filipino place I’ve tried in the past was TKRestobar although that also does fusion-y food and not only Filipino stuff. I wonder if they have a TV here (if only so that I could watch the upcoming Pacquiao fight in a Filipino setting).

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