[MTL] Spoiled palates – Maison Boulud


Maison Boulud is located adjacent to the Ritz-Carlton of Montreal. As one of the prestigious restaurants in Montreal, Maison Boulud offers traditional French cuisine with a twist, which you’ll find “refined yet soulful” contemporary French food here.



To be honest, I’ve never thought that I’d ever have a chance to step in here (based on my current financial status…) without my parents. However, I felt like winning a lottery and honored when I got an invitation to get a taste of the executive chef Riccardo Bertolino’s cuisine.

IMG_6210The night started off with one of their signature cocktails, Cosmopolitain de L’Orient. It is a relatively light and refreshing cocktail, which is made with Ketel one Vodka, Cointreau, Infusion of ginger and coriander, and white cranberry juice.


Madaï du Japon (Japanese madaï, clementines, smoked celeriac coulis, tardivo, coriander): Madaï is a type of fish that is known for its flavor and its traditional use as an auspicious food in Japan. The flesh was tender and good combination while the bottom layer gives a crispy texture.


“Sandwich” (Truffle poached chicken, salted butter, foie gras, celery and black winter truffle): The sandwich was good as the taste of the truffle is really strong (and I loved it!)! The toasts was still soft, and with the fried artichoke on the side, it was still crisp and moist inside.


Homard et cœur de Palmier (Lobster and heart of palm, blood oranges, yuzu, coconut milk): Th coconut milk on the side stood out the most to me as it reminds me of the coconut milk taste from one of my favorite Southeast Asian foods, laksa!


Huîtres “Rockefeller” (Rockefeller style oysters, cauliflower crémeux, Iberico lardo, Louis d’Or, Romanesco): This was one of my favorite appetizers. I’m not an oyster person, but I would like to have a second one if I could for this! It doesn’t have salty and fishy taste. It was creamy and smooth with the cauliflower. There was multiple flavors bursted out in the mouth once the oyster is popped.



Anchois et Puntarelles (Spanish anchovies, puntarelles, chickpea socca, and artichokes): Puntarelle is the green vegetable above. It’s a bit bitter if it’s eaten alone.


This “creature” wow-ed me the most of the entire night! It is definitely one of the top rare food I’ve ever seen. It is “Goose neck barnacles“. It is a filter-feeding crustaceans that live attached to hard surfaces of rocks and flotsam in the ocean intertidal zone. It kind of looks like crocodile feet or some sort of animal parts.


Pouce-Pieds (Goose neck barnacles, shellfish broth, and honey mushrooms): The orange, carrot-liked pieces in there are the barnacles! The soup was light and clear. The barnacles taste just like mushrooms.


Raviolo au jaune d’œuf de coulant (Egg yolk raviolo, bufala ricotta, chanterelle mushrooms and truffle butter): Another favorite dish of the night! The ravioli was well-seasoned, and the sauce was too tasty that we cleaned out plate by scrapping it with baguette!

Now…. comes to the desserts! We were each given a main dessert, and multiple ones to share.


Poire et Meringue (meringue, pear, vanilla and walnut, chantilly, and custard sauce)




Café et Cardamome (Coffee and cardamom dessert, crispy tuile, shortbread biscuit, and espresso ice cream): The crispy tuile was really crispy! It cracks as soon as my spoon pressed on it, and the mousse inside was smooth. Moreover, I really liked the ice cream. Though it’s “espresso”, but it wasn’t that strong, and it doesn’t have the bitter taste from coffee. It has a light and nutty coffee taste, which smells good too.


Daniel Boulud’s Madeleines: These madeleines smelled so good when they were served. It was warm and puffy, and couldn’t resist to pop in my mouth one after another. If you would like to make it at home, Bon Appétit has this recipe online!

Overall, this was definitely an unforgettable dining experience, and an eye-opening one too. The atmosphere was relaxing and casual. I would definitely go back for their brunch when my parents are here, and when their terrace is open for summer too!

Lastly, I would like to thank Carrie MacPherson for the invitation, and Maison Boulud for this memorable dinner!

Maison Boulud
1228 Sherbrooke West Montreal, QC H3G 1G2

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