[MTL] Scrumptious Ethnic Brunch – BarBounya


BarBounya is a Turkish restaurant locating on Laurier avenue (close to avenue du Parc). I’ve heard and saw good reviews about this place, and have been wanted to visit for their brunch, which is $14.50 (before tax) including a meze board to share and a main dish.


The decor of the restaurant is interesting and chic, especially the seatings. It is a completely open space. Most of the tables are bar-height, and right next to the bar. The chairs are all high stools, which makes it a not-so-kid-friendly restaurant.


The brunch started off with a meze board to share, which is served with warm bread. The board includes honey & kaymak, olives mix, tomato & ricotta salad, nuts & dried fruits, homemade nut spreads, homemade jams. The honey & kaymak was my favorite! Kaymak is a type of Turkish butter, and it makes a perfect combination with honey when you spread it on the bread. The homemade nut spread is just like nutella, but less sweet, and more nutty. The spreads and jams were so good that we asked for extra bread.


I opted for “asure” as my main. “Asure” is a type of Turkish oatmeal that tastes like barley. It was chewy and thick. The oatmeal is seasoned with cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger; topped with pomegranate and nuts. I really liked this one, since it was light and refreshing as my post-yoga meal.

IMG_6180My friend ordered the Shakshuka, which has eggs, tomato, and zucchini. She found it too watery, but the taste was good. It is obvious that this Shakshuka is made with fresh tomatoes instead of tomato paste, which is less intense in the redness that is normally seen.

Overall, we came out really satisfied! The food was filling, and the price was decent. The staff was very attentive, and helpful in answering our questions. However, the majority of the dishes here have lamb, which I do not eat, therefore my option is limited. Despite that, I would still come back to try the zucchini pancake or the asure.

I really enjoyed Barbounya and ethnic brunches. I think that it’s definitely a good deal for brunch and a great addition in the Outremont. Both the taste and the presentation are nice. The location is easily accessed. Lastly, it’s one of the rare restaurants that take reservation for brunch!

234 Ave Laurier Ouest Montreal, QC H2T 2N8
Tel: 514-439-8858
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