[MTL] “du jour” – Ma’tine


Ma’tine is the new gem on the food scene, located in the gay village (5-10 minutes walk from Station Beaudry). I had kept an eye on it for a while, and finally got the chance to visit after my last final exam and right before I left for Christmas break! The heavy snow did not stop me from making a trip there for lunch.




The team behind Ma’tine is actually the Daniel-Six brothers, who were part of the Micro Resto La Famille. The decor is simple, yet welcoming. The combination of black flooring and wooden table sets make you feel like dining at home or a friend’s. The menu and drinks are written on the black board behind the bar. What I found really special about Ma’tine is that when the waitress hands you the menu, you’ll probably have lots of questions to ask. The menu is written as “plat du jour”, “quiche du jour”, “salad du jour”…etc. Don’t worry! The waitress will definitely come over to explain what’s offering on the day. Since their menu changes based quite frequently, this is a good way of not having to re-print the menu whenever they change the menu.

IMG_5657There’s only one big table in the restaurant for big groups. Ma’tine only takes reservation for 10 or more people.


I ordered the “poisson du jour” (fish of the day). It was mackerel on a stalk of leek and fried onions. The sauce on the side was a bit sweet, which balanced out the strong flavor of the mackerel. It was really good! The mackerel was fresh and not fishy, except I feel like it was a bit overcooked. Nice presentation as well!

IMG_5669My friend ordered “quiche du jour”. It was goat cheese with olives and dried tomatoes, and a small side salad. The quiche was one of the best ones I’ve ever had. The firmness of the filling was perfect. It was tender, and firm enough to hold with a fork, but melts right away in the mouth. The crust was good (at least it’s the way I like it). It wasn’t too flaky (just like between pastry and biscuit). The dressing of the salad wasn’t ordinary too. It was light and refreshing.


Instead of ordering “dessert du jour”, we opted for the hazelnut better danish with berry compote and fig (couronne). It’s kind of like a croissant, the filling was good (though I don’t like figs, but I ate it all). It wasn’t overly sweetened.


Ma’tine offers a great alternative for runtime meals. The food is definitely filling, but not heavy. Ma’tine serves breakfast daily from 7 am! It also offers great brunch on Saturday (sorry, it’s closed on Sunday). It also has terrase during the summer! It’s definitely worth the trip to the neighborhood when you are looking for something different than the ordinary brunches or want to getaway from the plateau and mile end.

1310 Blvd de Maisonneuve Est
Tel: 514-439-9969
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