[MTL] Unique, Cozy, Country – La Petite Adresse


I have to admit that this is a long overdue post that I just didn’t have time and chance to write it. I visited in March 2014. I have to say that it is really easy to just walk by La Petite Adresse without noticing it! I accidentally discovered this spot when I was going to Milos (my favorite Greek restaurant in Montreal!). It is just right next to it, literally. My friend and I decided to go try it as soon as we saw their menu at the door!


La Petite Adresse offers all day brunch and lunch. It is located on avenue du Parc and between Avenue Fairmount and rue Saint Viateur, so it doesn’t matter whether you get off at Fairmount or Saint Viateur stop if you are going by bus 80.

Their items on the menu are unique and original. The ambiance is cozy and homey. There’s a strong smell of bacon as soon as we walked in, which just make you feel like walking into the kitchen at home. The wooden tables and chairs make the atmosphere calm and the vintage decors give you a break from the glamorous downtown.


Zucchini pancakes, smoked salmon and poached egg with sour cream and horseradish. I loved this! It has everything I like for brunch on a plate. It was my first time having zucchini pancakes. It was good! It’s not as doughy as regular pancakes, hence it’s not that heavy. The portion is decent that I was full afterwards.


Mediterranean Chakchouka with egg and traditional bread. My friend ordered this, and of course I took a bite of it. It was so good. It’s definitely a type of comfort food in winter. The bread was dense and chewy. The chakchouka was rich in flavor. However, it might be a bit too heavy for me to finish it by myself.


Madagascar Vanilla Crème Brûlée. We couldn’t resist to get a small sweet after hour meal since we were both satisfied with the main. And, it did not disappoint us! The crème brûlée was really smooth and egg-y with natural vanilla flavor (you can still see the vanilla seeds!).



We were really full and satisfied after the meal, and already looking forward to going back and try other items on their menu! They also have homemade baked treats. I would want to try their biscotti next time! Definitely give La Petite Adresse a shot if you are tired of ordinary brunch or when you are craving for brunch on weekdays (like I always do).

La Petite Adresse
5365 Parc Ave Montreal QC H2V4G9

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2 thoughts on “[MTL] Unique, Cozy, Country – La Petite Adresse

  1. First off, I love the layout of the theme you are using – very clean and I love your header as well. Second, I am surprised that I can actually understand what is written on the sign in the first picture – my French is not that bad after all. haha

    The food looks delicious. I would especially love to try the Vanilla Crème Brûlée. I love desserts and I miss them as desserts usually consist of some type of fruit in Taiwan.

    • Thank you! and that’s true! I think most Taiwanese like the sweet and sour taste, so a lot of fruits are used in desserts. But crème brûlée are actually quite easy to make (no need to be a baker or good cook to make it)! You could try it if you have time.

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