[MTL] Authentic Sichuan Food Spiced-Up in Brossard – Le Ming Chuan

To be honest, I never thought that I would have a chance to go to Brossard (South of Montreal). However, my friend recommended me a Chinese restaurant there, and she was nice to offer me a ride there, so I thought why not? :) I love spicy foods anyway.


Le Ming Chuan isn’t new in the neighborhood. It is just right next to  the Taschereau Boulevard. They serve a variety of Chinese foods, but they are the first Chinese restaurant that serves Sichuan food in Brossard! That’s a good news for people who live in the South shore! No more needs to come all the way to downtown for authentic Sichuan food. They have a lot of options and choices, from beef, lamb, chicken, seafoods, preparing in variety of ways. It is also vegetarian friendly too!

They also offer different set menus for people who didn’t know what to choose (just like me…), and would like to try a variety of dishes. Check out their menu for more details!



I arrived as soon as the restaurant opens, but there were already 3 tables of customers in there! It is quite spacious, and can accommodate different groups of people at the same time. The decor is warm and homey. There are different Chinese arts hanging on the wall. The waiter was really welcoming and funny!


Since they just added Sichuan food to their menu, I thought I’d give it a try (need some spiciness to warm up the winter!) I had no idea what to order, so I asked for recommendations. This is  Egg Tofu with Eggplant (玉子豆腐茄子煲). I loved it! It was served in a cast iron pot, which was still sizzling upon serving. I burnt my tongue on the first bite cause I couldn’t wait to try it. I have to admit that I wasn’t an eggplant lover. It was one of the item on my “I-don’t-eat” list. However, for some reason (I don’t know), I have fallen in love for eggplants, and would try anything with eggplants.

This dish is NOT spicy at all, so perfect for someone who can’t take the heat. There are eggplants, egg tofu, and minced pork. The eggplants were just cooked to the point where it isn’t mushy, and the color is still purple. They fried their eggplants prior to making it into this dish, so the eggplants won’t be overcook/mushy or turn brown. The egg tofu were still tender. When I asked what they put in the sauce, the chef just said put this and that… which I have no idea, but they are good.


This is Chili Fried Shirmps (香辣蝦). I liked this too!! It wasn’t spicy when I took the first bite, but the spiciness kicked in afterwards. Though it was fried, it’s not greasy or oily at all. The shrimp is crunchy. It is fried with the shell, however, the shell was already crisp and fragile, so you can just eat it (Good calcium source too ;))!


Of course fried rice would be served in a Chinese restaurant. This is Le Ming Chuan’s House fried rice (特別海皇炒飯). The fried rice was served with bonito flakes (I loved it! it goes well with basically every dish), and it “danced” on the fried rice! There are a lot of different ingredients in the fried rice. More than what my mom put at home. There are shrimps, eggs, peas, surimi, carrots, shrimp roe, and scallions. The rice was fluffy and hearty. The rice for a good fried rice shouldn’t stick together. It should be fluffy and not able to pick up with chopsticks.


The portion of each dish was really big that I had left overs (and I already ordered small portion). I would definitely go back to try out more items on their menu, such as their poached fish fillet in hot chili soup (麻辣水煮魚片) – this is a classic Sichuan dish! I overheard the owner and a customer’s conversation that their lamb stew (new on the menu) is good too!

Since I was eating alone, I observed people that come in and out. The proportion of local customers and Chinese customers are equally distributed. Their flavors are accustomed to locals and Chinese customers, so you’ll definitely find something that satisfy your tastebuds! If you are local Montrealers, and would like to give authentic Chinese foods a shot, you can ask the owner to spice it up!

Also, another plus is that I wasn’t extremely thirsty after my lunch (which I normally do when I dine out for Chinese food), this means that they might not use umami in their dishes.

If you live in Brossard (or even in Montreal too!), I would recommend you to try it out. It’s different than the Chinese foods you would get in China town. The owner and the waiter are really welcoming and friendly to the customers. Swing by when you are in the neighborhood, you won’t be disappointed! If you are in a rush, they have take-out too.

Side note: There’s a T&C supermarket right next to it! A lot better than the supermarket in Chinatown… There’s a parking lot in front of it too, so no worries about the parking. If you are going by transportation, it’s right next to a bus stop! You take 45 from downtown to Panama terminus, then 49 to San Francisco Avenue.

Le Ming Chuan
8200 Taschereau avenue, Brossard, QC J4X 2S6
Tel: 450-465-8388

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