[MTL] MTL à Table 2014 – A taste of Portuguese flavor at Taverne F par Ferreira


Taverne F par Ferreira is the second restaurant that I went for this year’s MTL à Table! The first one was such a fail, so I’m not going to write about it, but today’s dining experience made up for the disappointment! Taverne F is part of the Ferreira group, locating right next to Station Place-des-arts (Jeane Mance exit). It offers petiscos, which are small dishes for sharing (similar to Spanish tapas), with typically Portuguese flavors and aromas.



We made our reservation really early. I was surprised that there were more tables than I expected! It looks like it’s really small from the outside, but it actually fits a lot of people without feeling too crowded in there. The atmosphere is chill and relaxed. You won’t feel pressured or need to rush to finish the meal when the restaurant starts to fill up.


Appetizer: Cod cakes. Though it was fried, it wasn’t greasy at all. The coating is really thin that you can barely notice it exists. The inside is really smooth and moist. It is almost like a paste.


Appetizer: Sardines Escabèche (Roasted sardines with onions and red pepper). This is another option from first service.  I loved this! I’m more biased when it comes to seafood. These sardines were fresh and tender. I would definitely order it again if I go back.


Main: Pork & Clams Alentejana Style. Sometimes I like it when the food is serviced in skillets; not only it’s visually appealing, but it keeps the food warm longer. I tried a piece of it from my friend. The pork is really tender! But I think it would be too heavy if I have this all by myself, which it makes sense that Taverne F’s concept is for people to share.


Main: Fresh Roasted Cod with Peas Stew. The cods were crispy outside, and tender inside. I think the peas stew outshines the cod! I used to hate peas when my mom put it in the fried rice, but this peas stew is actually good! The peas are soft but not mushy. There’s also some bacon pieces (more like fats) in there.


Dessert: Rice Pudding with apple crumbles. It was a nice and light dessert. The rice pudding based wasn’t sweet, but the toppings are quite sweet alone, therefore they make a good combination. The rice pudding balanced out the sweetness of the toppings.

Their other option for dessert is Natas, which is Portuguese egg tart. We didn’t order it cause none of us are fans of egg tarts…


The main comes with a side dish (there’s a list to choose from). We ordered the roasted vegetables and tomatoes with cheese. The roasted vegetables were good, but too much oil in the bowl.

Overall, it was a good experience! The waiter was really welcoming and always making sure that everything is alright. I would definitely want to go back to try out their regular menus sometimes!

p.s. Their lupini from the amuse-bouche was really good! It’s my first time having that kind of beans.

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2 thoughts on “[MTL] MTL à Table 2014 – A taste of Portuguese flavor at Taverne F par Ferreira

  1. Hi Ms. Wang, this is Seahorse Dad from Vancouver BC. Been to your blog for several times and really enjoy your food journey. I knew Montreal is a great place and your articles approved it!
    Thanks for sharing tons of great info. Your blog could be a good tour guide for my next trip to Montreal in years to come.

    • Hi! Thanks for your kind words! Really appreciate it :) Montreal is definitely one of the most vibrant and multicultural cities that I’ve ever lived in. I enjoy reading your blog too! It is well-organized in specific categories, and there’s already few in my pocket list to visit when I’m in Vancouver next time.
      Have a nice day!

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