[Recipe] Overnight Oats

It’s National Oatmeal Day today! Even though I’m currently overwhelmed by the school works, I still want to share my current breakfast & lunch crush: Overnight oatmeals!

Overnight Oats

It is one of the simplest breakfasts to make and prepare. There’s no cooking involved! Sounds great, right? :D

It only takes 4 simple steps. It takes less than 10 minutes, and you’re tummy will be satisfied the next morning!

How to make overnight oats without a recipe:

1. The only ratio you need to remember is 1:1 (rolled oats:liquid).

You soak your rolled oats (or quick-cooking oats if you prefer mushier texture) overnight. Use less liquid for thicker oatmeal, more if you like it runny. You can use water or any type of milk (including almond milk, soy milk, coconut milk).

2. Sweeten and flavor the oatmeal with whatever you like: honey, jam, cinnamon, fruits (blend with milk)… the list goes on. 

3. Mix it well, store in a jar, and refrigerate it overnight. 

4. Top with fresh ingredients in the morning, and enjoy! 

You can add you toppings the night before or in the morning, at your convenience. Personally, I like to add it in the morning, especially the nuts, just so the texture is still crunchy. Check here for more overnight oats ideas!

Not a sweet tooth? Don’t worry. Oatmeals taste as good when it’s savory too!

Simple thing to keep in mind: Be creative!

Comment below to share your favorite flavor oatmeals or if you have any questions! Bon appétit!

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