[TPE] Quick getaway in Eastern Taipei – Peekaboo Café 彼咖舖咖啡


First of all, I apologize for disappearing for such a long time! I’ve been busy with my summer internship. When I was in Taipei for the final academic conference and award night banquet, I got to visit some places during my free time. I found out Peekaboo café really last minute, and was glad that I went!


The cafe is located in Eastern Taipei (東區), and it’s just 5 minutes walk from Zhongxiao Fuxing Station (exit 1). Even though it’s in Eastern Taipei, it’s a really quiet cafe in the small alley. Since their sign isn’t that flashy, it’s really easy to walk by it if you weren’t looking for it. It was lucky to get a seat by the window.


Their daily desserts/dishes are written on the black board right next to the entrance. I really want to try their cinnamon roll, but I wasn’t that hungry, so I guess I’ll save it for next time!


This is the counter right next to the cashier. There are a lot of different stamps! Customers can use it freely, which I think it’s a good idea for people (especially travelers) to leave a good memory at this cafe.


Since I didn’t any books or my laptop, this bookshelf drew my attention while waiting for my order. These three tiers are full of food-related books!


Latte and scones! They are definitely my top afternoon tea combination. I really like their latte. It’s very smooth, and the milk didn’t overtake the coffee flavor. The scones are served with apple sauce, which I found it quite special. The apple sauce wasn’t over-sweetened, and the scones weren’t too buttery too.

Overall, I really recommend this cafe if you are ever around that area! They have plenty of space for groups and individuals. They have a bar along the windows for individuals. It wasn’t awkward to go alone, and no need to feel bad for taking up one table too.

Peekaboo Café
Address: No.2, Aly. 7, Ln. 251, Sec. 3, Zhongxiao E. Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106, Taiwan
Tel: +886 2 2721 9363

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