[MTL] Smallest Café in North America – La Distributrice


After the first Taste MTL dinner at Plein Sud with my friend on last Friday, my friend and I stopped by La Distributrice on our way back to the metro station. We were so glad that we did.


It is a bit hard to notice its existence if you are in rush or just walking down the street casually. It doesn’t take up a lot of space like normal cafés, and you make your order through the little window. The menu at La Distributrice is really simple: Latté (iced latté), Americano, espresso, and hot chocolate.


At first we were going to share a hot chocolate (since Friday night was super windy and cold), but we ended up getting a latté and a hot chocolate. We had a little chat with the barista while waiting for our drinks, and she was nice and lovely.

I loved their hot chocolate! It’s definitely one of the best hot chocolates I’ve ever had in Montreal. The chocolate is rich and not so sweet at all, which is exactly the way that I want my hot chocolate to be made. It definitely taste different than those that are made from powder. The barista told us that their hot chocolate is truly made with dark chocolate.

IMG_2164This is a corner where they place their coffee beans, and some drawings drew by the barista!


If you are ever around the Plateau Mont-Royal neighborhood, swing by to grab a cup of coffee or hot chocolate! It’s only 5 minutes away from the metro station. It’ll definitely warm up the brutle winter in Montreal.

IMG_2162_FotorIt is also ranked as #5 on the “10 Inspiring Cafés Around the World“!

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