[MTL] Taste MTL 2013 – La Société Bistro


La Société Bistro is the new dining room in the Loews Hotel Vogue locating on de la Montagne. The original Société Bistro is located in Toronto owned by Charles Khabouth, whom is the owner of the biggest individual restaurant and nightclub in Toronto. The bistro is just opened in June 2013.

Baguette Basket

Baguette Basket

After we ordered, the waiter brought up the baguette basket. I loved the smaller ones inside. It is warm and soft. The butter also tasted really nice. It was easy to spread and not too greasy.

Appetizer: Foie Gras and Maple Parfait

Appetizer: Foie Gras and Maple Parfait

At first I wasn’t excepted much from the parfait since it’s already in mousse, but when I had the first bite with the baguette, I knew that I made the right choice. The taste of foie gras is really strong and “real” (as in you know that there’s definitely foie gras in there!). The baguette is toasted to the right point that it was crispy, but not dried. It was so good that I cleaned the bowl with the baguette from the baguette basket!

Bone Marrow and Oxtail Ragoût

Appetizer: Bone Marrow and Oxtail Ragoût

My friend ordered this, and she really loved it!

Main: Cassoulet

Main: Cassoulet

I absolutely loved the cassoulet. It’s based with white beans, and topped with toulouse sausage, duck confit, pork belly, and a kind of ham. The white beans are full of flavor from the meat. Also, I have to give a special shout out to the duck confit. It’s amazing. The flesh is really tender, soft and juicy that it comes off the bone easily. However, the portion is huge that I had half of my white beans to-go.

Main: Maple and Bourbon Roasted Chicken

Main: Maple and Bourbon Roasted Chicken

The chicken is coated with smoked maple and bourbon glaze, and sided with bitter greens, and crispy potatoes. I had a bit of it, and it is well-cooked! The meat is also juicy and tendered, and it’s a bit sweet due to the maple syrup.

Dessert: Maple Glazed Doughnuts

Dessert: Maple Glazed Doughnuts

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of doughnuts, since they are normally fried. However, my friend shared half of it with me, and I loved it! Though their desserts disappointed me overall, but this one is better than Maple Inspired House-Made Petit Four. There is bacon sprinkled on the side/and top, and the doughnut is stuffed with cheese curd. The mix flavor of sweet and saltiness is a good balance!

Dessert: Maple Inspired House-Made Petit Four

Dessert: Maple Inspired House-Made Petit Four

The first thing that I didn’t get was it was named as petit “four”, but there was only “three” items. Furthermore, this dessert disappointed me. It feels like they just placed different maple syrup desserts on a plate. The chocolates are alright, still acceptable. However, the macaroon is a huge disappointment (especially it is a French bistro). Despite comparing it to the famous Ladurée, it can’t even be compared with the local Montreal macaroon stores such as Point G or La Maison du Macaron.

Service: Despite their amazing appetizers and main courses, the service can affect the dining experience too! La Société’s service is good. The waiters refilled the water often (we didn’t have to ask them to refill), and they would constantly ask us if everything is alright. The table was also cleaned as soon as we are done, and the next dish is served as soon as the table is cleared.

Overall, it was another good dining experience! La Société also offer daily breakfast and brunch on the weekend! Since I’m a brunch lover, I’m definitely going back to try out their brunch!

Remember, the TASTE MTL runs from November 1st to November 11th! Make a food outing plan if you haven’t done so!

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