[MTL] Lawrence Restaurant

No doubt that Lawrence is definitely one of the top brunch spots in Montreal and on my list. The restaurant is always packed with people on the weekends. I first visited in April with my mom, and I’ve fallen in love with this place, so I chose to celebrate my birthday here with my friends!

(Left) The menu; (Top right) Latte; (Bottom right) Early grey tea

(Left) The menu; (Top right) Latte; (Bottom right) Early grey tea

Lawrence‘s menu sometimes changes due to what’s fresh during the season or on the market, so you can check out their updates on their Twitter. My mom ordered the latte when we visited in April, and I loved it. It was really smooth, and you can feel that the milk is really creamy and rich, but I’m afraid that I would feel full after that huge cup of latte, so I had the early grey tea instead, since it was also recommended by my friend! Their early grey tea was pretty good! It doesn’t have the astringent taste, and the flavor is still there after few refills too!

Scone with jam and clotted cream

Scone with jam and clotted cream

I ABSOLUTELY LOVED the scone! I can say that this is definitely the best scone I’ve ever had. Though my friend said that they don’t have the authentic clotted cream, but the scone itself is just enough to blow me away (since I don’t really like any butter/cream stuff anyways). Their scone is always served warm, just like it is fresh out from the oven. Definitely a must-order!

Chocolate, lemon, and custard doughnuts

Chocolate, lemon, and custard doughnuts

I didn’t have a chance to order their doughnuts (my friends ordered it). However, I saw that a lot of tables ordering it too as a dessert!

Pied de Cochon (Pig's trotter)

Pied de Cochon (Pig’s trotter)

I definitely love this one, and it’s my regular ordering dish! I found this dish pretty special, since I’ve never seen it in other brunch restaurants. It has pig’s trotter, potatoes, anchovy, and soft-boiled eggs, and served with bread. The pig’s trotters are already de-boned for you, so it’s easy to eat. The proportion of the fats and the meat are perfect. Normally, I don’t dare to eat the fatty part, but the way they handle it makes it not that disgusting at all. The fat melts right away in your mouth without making you feel greasy. The anchovy is crispy, which balanced out the rich flavor of the meat. However, I found the bread too oily and dried to the point that it was too crispy.

Baked eggs, celery roots, and oyster mushrooms

Baked eggs, celery roots, and oyster mushrooms

I ordered this when I first visited. The eggs, celery roots, and the mushrooms are all blended together to a really creamy texture. It’s perfect with the bread that comes with the dish. However, I found it too rich and full in the end, but perfectly balanced out with my earl grey tea!

Black Puddings

Black Puddings

Black pudding is a type of sausage made by cooking blood that it is thick enough to congeal when cooled. It is a classic British brunch dish! It’s served with spinach and fried eggs on soda bread. I had a bite of the black pudding, and surprisingly, the way they handled it was really good! It doesn’t have the bloody flavor at all.

Gloucester Pancakes

Gloucester Pancakes

This dish surprised me. I thought it was just like regular American pancakes when I saw it on the menu, but now I’m in love with the Gloucester pancake! It’s served with strawberries, bacon, and ricotta. At first I thought the combination of bacon and strawberries are weird, since one is savory, the other is sweet. However, it is a really good combination! The saltiness of the bacon, the sourness of the strawberries and ricotta perfectly balanced out the sweetness of the syrup! I would recommend this one if you can’t make up your mind on whether you want to have a sweet or savory brunch, because you’ll get both in this one!

Have you decided where you are going for brunch this weekend? :)

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