[MTL] Olive et Gourmando

I adore brunch. I truly believe that at least one day of the weekend should be dedicated to a nice brunch with friends or family!

Menu Board

Menu Board

Olive et Gourmando is definitely a hit brunch spot in Montreal! The queues are always long. The ambiance is busy and noisy, but you won’t feel like you have to rush to finish your meals. The menu is written on the black board, which is divided into few sections: hot panini, cold sandwiches, daily plates, and breakfast items.

Housemade Ricotta

Housemade Ricotta “salty”

This was recommended by the waitress and I loved it! It’s housemade ricotta with lemon oil, kale salad with pine nuts, and it was served with toast. Though the portion looks small, but it was actually quite filling! The entire dish is pretty refreshing, and it’s perfect when you don’t want to have something too rich and heavy!

The Cajun Chicken & Soup of the Day (Broccoli Cream Soup)

The Cajun Chicken & Soup of the Day (Broccoli Cream Soup)

I loved the soup! There were more than 10 vegetables in it, such as broccoli, leek, onions, peas.. etc. (the waitress listed all out, but just too long to remember!) However, the soup can make you really full if you have it yourself. I would recommend that you can share with your friend or family!

Cold Sandwiches: The Cajun Chicken

Cold Sandwiches: The Cajun Chicken

The portion of the sandwich is pretty big. The cajun chicken has roasted grain-fed chicken breast that is rubbed with cajun spices, guacamole, fresh tomatoes, and mangoes. Personally, I’m not a mango lover, but the mango in it gives a bit of the sweetness and freshness to it! And the chicken is really tendered and juicy too.



Of course, they have a dessert section! It’s near the cashier, so I had a brownie to-go. I love how their brownie is dense but still has the moisture! Definitely a must-try for chocolate lovers! ;)

Comment below to let me know where’s your favorite brunch spot! :)

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