[MTL] Food Trucks Round 2. – Campus Version

If you have read my previous food truck blog, then you would know how much I loved them and eager to try out more! This time, the food trucks are ON CAMPUS! I was so excited when reading the email sent out by the school’s system. What’s better than getting good food without going too far? ;)



It is rare that something that interests me is happening in the MacDonald Campus of the McGill University. I couldn’t hide my excitement when I see this bright red food truck parking right outside my dorm. Besides the hype for it, I would say it without any hesitate that Roux serves the best pulled pork wrap I’ve ever had.

Pulled-Pork Wrap

Pulled-Pork Wrap

I’m definitely not a meat-lover. Red meats are never my first choice, in fact, probably the last on the list. I would only go for red meant when I don’t have other options. However, the pull-pork wrap was the only one that was appealing to me, and it did not disappoint me at all! The pork was tendered and juicy, unlike some pulled-pork are really dry and hard to chew. Also, they used a lot of vegetables in there too! The veggies are still crunchy though I probably have left it for around 30 minutes before I eat it. The sauce they used was like a BBQ sauce, but not those ordinary ones. It is pretty light, and won’t make you feel guilty afterwards. The fries are also a plus to the meal! It is their homemade fries, and it was tossed with spicy powder. The fries are also crunchy, but a bit too oily. According to their description, Roux only uses vegetable oils, and their food are made from what’s fresh and local!

Duck Burger

Duck Burger (Photo credit: Karen Fung)

My friend, Karen, ordered this! (You can visit her blog here) She said she liked it a lot too! The duck is tendered and juicy, and the spicy fries are good as well!

Roux's Menu

Roux’s Menu

Besides the wrap and the burger, Roux also offers a variety of poutine flavors, including a vegan/vegetarian option! I would guess that their poutines are pretty good too, since the fries alone are amazing already.

Ô Soeurs Volantes

Ô Soeurs Volantes

Ô Soeurs Volantes is the food truck from the restaurant Ô Deux Soeurs, which is located in Rosemont. This time, the truck is in the downtown campus! It was parked behind the Redpath Museum (or in front of Leacock).

La Ristigouche

La Ristigouche

I sort of googled this food truck to know what to order, and people have recommended their salad tortilla cone and meatballs! My friend and I ordered one each to share! Obviously the salad and tortilla was served as a cone shape. When I received it, I was looking for the tortilla, but couldn’t see it. As I digged in, I realized that the tortilla is down there! The amount of veggies that they serve completely buried it. La Ristigouche have smoked trout, caramelized onions, and caper berries. The dressing was special too. It wasn’t those heavy and creamy dressing, in fact, it was a bit sweet. Even my friend who doesn’t like salad loved it too!

Meat balls


The meatballs are pretty good, not the best, but not bad either. The meatball comes in a big sphere shape. The pork is will juicy, and it is covered with a sauce of raisins and onions. The meal comes with homemade fries, however, both of us didn’t like it at all. The fries were too soggy and soft. The side salad was as good as the salad in tortilla cone!

These two on-campus food trucks did not disappoint me at all! Since the food trucks might end soon as it’s getting colder in Montreal, this might be the last food trucks of the year! I can’t wait to try out more next year! Still have few in my pocket list ;)

If you haven’t tried any food trucks, and interested in trying one, visit Food Truck MTL to spot your nearest food truck!

Roux on Urbanspoon O Deux Soeurs on Urbanspoon

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