[TW] NA*KI (藍記小館)


NA*KI is definitely one of the most creative restaurants I’ve ever been to. Reservations have to be made in advanced. No walk-ins are accepted. This is because the owners want to make sure the ingredients are fresh. Also, the part that I love about it is there is no menu, therefore, every dining experience is unique. There are three difference prices for the set meal (4 courses + drinks): NT$500, 800, and 1200.  The main difference is in the main course. For the $500, the main course is either pork or chicken; $800 is lamb or beef ; $1200 is surf and turf.

Open Kitchen

Open Kitchen

The ambiance of this restaurant is really cozy and home-like. There are only 14 seats, which made the reservations quite competitive. I had to make the reservation at least a month before (especially during the weekends). They have an open kitchen, but it wasn’t noisy or hot at all. In fact, if you just walk in and sit down right away having your back facing the kitchen, you might not even notice that the kitchen is right there! (that’s what happened with my mom when we first visited).

Corn and potato soup

Corn and potato soup

Bread & Honey Mustard Bread Spread

Bread & Honey Mustard Bread Spread

The meals start with homemade soup and baguette. The soup is really thick and creamy, which I loved it. However, the baguette was really crispy, but dried too.

Chicken Salad with Apple, Honey, Vinegar Dressing

Chicken Salad with Apple, Honey, Vinegar Dressing Garnished with Parmesan Cheese

J’aime la salade! The chicken was so tendered that my aunt mistakenly thought it was fish! I feel like the seasoning for the chicken is a bit Southeast Asian flavor. The dressing is perfect for summer. It’s a bit sweet for the apple taste, but not overly sweet, and there’s a subtle taste of honey. Their are few types of vegetables too, unlike most restaurants (I would say around 90%) serve lettuce only for salad.

Fusilli Carbonara

Fusilli Carbonara

Before serving the entreé, there is either a pasta or risotto. I found the fusillis are a bit over-cooked this time, but the conchiglie with clams was superb! Though the fusilli was too soft, the cream sauce made up for it. It wasn’t too thick that you’ll get sick of it in the end.



This was the first main course to be served. The bass was dried-sautee. The meat is really tendered, and doesn’t not have a fishy smell.


Chicken Fillet

They use the thigh of the chicken, which the meat is still juicy and tender.

Pork Chop

Pork Chop

This pork chop is amazing! My friend knows that I’m not a meat-lover, but this pork chop is so good that I can finish it on my own. It’s really tender and juicy, and the most important thing is that it doesn’t have the piggy smell!

Dessert: Homemade Pancake with Cream Cheese Fillings & Mangoes with homemade yogurt

Dessert: Homemade Pancake with Cream Cheese Fillings & Mangoes with Homemade Yogurt

Of course the meal can’t end without dessert!! Their desserts are so good! I still remembered the tiramisu I had last time! This time their dessert surprised me! The pancakes with the cream cheese was so good that even my aunt, who is anti-dessert, loves it too!!!! The chocolate sauce wasn’t sweet at all. Also, there comes a drink in the end too, there are three choices: honey green tea, lemon black tea, and coffee.

Overall, this is definitely one of the restaurants that I would like to visit again and again, because it’s always full of surprise!

6 thoughts on “[TW] NA*KI (藍記小館)

  1. Hi Eva! May I know if a foreigner would like to reserve seats, would it be possible? Also, i’ve seen on their facebook page that a deposit is required to secure the reservation. Is the deposit refundable? Thanks!

    • Hi! I think it is possible, but you’ll have to contact the owner directly through their Facebook or call. I’m not sure about their refund policy. You’ll have to contact them directly. Sorry couldn’t help much!! But hope you do get a chance to visit!

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