[TW] Wenzhou Wontons (金溫州餛飩大王)

This restaurant is located in the Yancheng district, where a lot of good & old Taiwanese food are located. It was opened in 1954 in a small alley, and it is packed with people everyday. The queue is always very long, so I suggest that get there a bit earlier to avoid the crowd.

Seaweed & Dried tofu

Seaweed & Dried tofu

As I’ve mentioned, most of the Taiwanese restaurants have these appetizers, and it varies from restaurant to restaurant. The dried tofu is my favorite. They are braised in soy sauce, sugar, spices, and probably some of their secret ingredients. This dried tofu are sweet, and kind of hard outside but soft inside.

Wonton soup

Wonton soup

There are 5 wontons per bowl. The size of these wontons are huge (around the size of a woman’s palm), therefore it’s quite filling. I like it because the flavor is pretty light, unlike other restaurants where a lot of spices are added that it covered the original taste of the meat. A bit of sweetness can be tasted from the wonton, which means that the pork they used is fresh. The soup is flavored with pickled mustard tuber, which gives the saltiness.

Pickled mustard tuber noodle (榨菜肉絲麵)

Pickled mustard tuber noodle (榨菜肉絲麵)

This dish is alright. The noodles are too soft for me. It is really simple. All the flavor comes from the pickled mustard tuber.

Little dragon buns (小籠包)

Little dragon buns (小籠包)

You must be wondering why these buns look different than the one that I’ve introduced in the Ding Tai Fung post. These are Taiwanese styled little dragon buns. The skin is thicker than the regular little dragon buns. I would consider these as mini pork buns. The skin are soaked with the juice of the meat. There is no extra flavoring to the pork fillings, only a bit of salt is added to bring out the sweetness of the meat.

I would definitely recommend this one to everyone who is visiting Kaohsiung!


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