[TW] Dawn Room 明堂 – Breakfast

This is one of my top brunch spots in Kaohsiung, in fact, the only brunch spot that I love. The quality of food that was served and the atmosphere are all above the standard in Kaohsiung, while the price is still reasonable.

Dining area

Dining area

The decor is country style, and relaxing for weekend brunch. However, they serve breakfast every morning starting at 8:30 am.

(Left to right): Cappuccino, Ice drip coffee, Latte

(Left to right): Cappuccino, Ice drip coffee, Latte

Dawn Room is famous for its coffee. I strongly recommend the ice drip coffee. They slowly brew the coffee by using cold water, and set it overnight for the flavor to be fully expressed. Also, the ice cubes are made out of coffee, which won’t dilute the coffee after it melt. The ice drip coffee is topped with a layer of cream, however, personally, I don’t like the cream, but the coffee isn’t bitter at all even without the cream. The coffee is a bit sweet naturally, there’s no need to add sugar at all. On the other hand, if you are a milk lover for coffee, I would recommend the cappuccino over latte. The latte was too milky for me, there’s barely any coffee taste. The milk foam on top of the cappuccino isn’t airy at all. It’s thick and smooth.

Cheese and smoked salmon danish toast topped with scrambled eggs

Cheese and smoked salmon danish toast topped with scrambled eggs

This is quite a new dish for me to try out. I loved the scramble eggs on top. It’s smooth and not completely cooked, which is the way I like. The saltiness of the smoked salmon balance out the flavor. The danish toast is toasted to the point where the skin is crispy and inside is fluffy. However, this is very filling. I wan’t able to finish it by myself.

Baked scrambled eggs with demi-glace

Baked scrambled eggs with demi-glace (蒜香鄉村烘蛋)

I found this dish so-so. The eggs are too hard, and too oily. The toasts that are served with the dish probably are one of the worse toasts I’ve ever had.

Dawn room classic breakfast

Dawn room classic breakfast

This is a worth-ordering dish. The portion is pretty big. There is a slice of cheese wrapped inside the eggs. There are different choices of bread: foccacia, croissant, white toast, or country french bread, and there are three types of spreads for customers to choose, which are butter, garlic, and jam. For eggs, there are two choices: scramble egg or sunny-side-up.

Croque Madame

Croque Madame

Last but not least, Croque Madame is my favorite! This is takes around 30 minutes to make, but it’s worth the wait! The crusts are crispy, and the ham in between adds the saltiness to the toast. The cheese on top isn’t heavy at all. I strongly recommend this one!!!

Breakfast is a must for everyone to start their day! A lot of  researches have shown that breakfast can boost brain functions, which make a great start for their day. Breakfast is also important for weight management. Make sure to have a nutritious breakfast everyday! :)


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