[TW] Dawn Room 明堂 – Dinner

Dawn Room is a new café that opened near my place last year, and I’ve finally get a chance to try it out this summer. Dawn Room is originated from Tainan, and the Kaohsiung branch is its first store. It  was strictly members only, but now it is opened to publics.

(left): Creamy mushroom soup; (right): Salad with balsamic vinegar dressing

(left): Creamy mushroom soup; (right): Salad with balsamic vinegar dressing

With additional NT$60, you can get soup of the day and salad. The soup is mediocre, but I wasn’t disappointed (probably because I didn’t expect much from it anyways), and the salad is just an ordinary salad that is served in every restaurants in Taiwan.

Seafood Pumpkin Risotto

Seafood Pumpkin Risotto

The risotto did not disappoint me. Since this is not an authentic Italian restaurant, I would say that their risotto is pretty decent. However, I found the rice too soft. The pumpkin is cooked until it is creamy and smooth, and the seafoods are fresh too.

Fish fillet and noodles

Fish fillet spaghetti

This is my favorite of the night. The fish is being steamed first then baked. It is very tender that I can easily flaked it with fork. Also, the meat is still moist. The spaghetti is just simply mixed with garlic. Overall this dish isn’t heavy at all. It is nice choice for dinner.

Cheesy seafood rice

Cheesy seafood farfalle tonde

This was supposed to be seafood lasagna, but for some reason the waitress said that it’s being switched to farfalle tonde. And, I did not like this dish at all. Not recommended.

Overall, the meals weren’t disappointing, and since Dawn Room is famous for its breakfast, we reserved a table for breakfast the next day right away! Post coming soon. Stay tuned! :)

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